A breathtaking live action drama of abduction, loss of home and the will to survive, inspired by true events and the barely known history of European captives and privateers in North-Africa
In the summer of 1627, a fleet of corsairs from North Africa appear on the south west coast of Iceland. A young fisherman's wife, Gunnur and her 12 year old daughter Gríma get abducted by the privateers along with a few hundred other terror stricken people. The pirate fleet is under the command of fearsome admiral Murat Reis, aka ambiguous Dutch captain Jan Janszoon. The prisoners are brought to a large slave market on the coast of North Africa. At the market mother and daughter are brutally separated and sold into different households. From then on their lives take dramatically different turns. Gunnur sticks to her beliefs, dedicates herself to survive, to find her daughter and get back home to Iceland. Gríma learns the Arabic language, converts to Islam, and makes a new life for herself. Jan Janszoon collects his pay after the sale of his booty - not knowing that his path will cross Gunnur’s and Gríma’s again; most differently from what he could have envisaged in the beginning.
10 x
50 min.
Iceland, Sweden
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Production Cost
21 000 000
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The dramatic inspiration and background to our series are based on largely forgotten, but true events. We have created many new characters and courses of events. But while we focus on compelling storytelling and interesting characters, we also aim to give an authentic picture of the times in which these events took place and so honor the memory of the people living through them.

We are aiming for the highest visual quality in all respects, strong storytelling, and great acting. Our vision for SALÉ is to tell an entertaining, engaging and compelling fictional story which historically true and documented background vouches for a capturing authenticity.

The series will depict but not take sides for a certain attitude, politics, religion or ways of seeing and thinking. It will be up to the audience to discern which character, if any, is really in the wrong or in the right on their chosen course. Our main characters can never be sure what is right and what is wrong in any situation or when reaching crossroads. The characters bear various conflicts and antagonisms in and between themselves; never really able to sort things out.

One major issue, especially of Season 1 will be the cultural clash of identity and the painful conflict between desperately wanting to stick to your believes and go back home versus focus on survival and embracing the opportunities a different environment and culture might offer, even a captive.

The story of "Tyrkjaránið" (Turkish Abductions) is very much alive and a part of the Icelandic people's history and collective memory. Hundreds of people were brutally abducted, chained and sold on the slave markets in North Africa, a well known and a very lucrative business at the time. Most of the captives disappeared from their loved ones for good, they suffered greatly and eventually perished in slavery. Some managed to adapt and put their skills to use in a new society that offered different opportunities. The traumatised families back in Iceland were also forced to rebuild their lives. Some never lost hope and kept up a collection of money through the Church for years, in order to buy back some of the captives. Ten years later, close to thirty people were freed and able to turn back to Iceland, meeting a very different reality. Nothing was the same, neither the returnees nor the people they met again.

Anna G Magnúsdóttir, Anders Granström & Herbert Gehr
Series Creators
Series Creators: Anna G Magnúsdóttir, Anders Granström & Herbert Gehr
LittleBig Productions
a Film by
Anna G Magnúsdóttir, Anders Granström & Herbert Gehr
A Series
Created by
Anna G Magnúsdóttir&nbsp Anders Granström&nbsp andHerbert Gehr
Anna G Magnúsdóttir&nbsp andAnders Granström
Hanno Hackfort&nbsp Richard Kropf&nbsp andBob Konrad
LittleBig Productions
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