Why Choose Greelistu?

We Unite Filmmakers and Audiences for the Love of Great Stories.
Greelistu empowers both creators and viewers by bridging the gap between them, driven by the shared passion for exceptional narratives. We aim to revolutionize film production, acting as a global funding engine that brings filmmakers and audiences together.
Our unwavering vision is to ensure that every film and series is fully paid for before production begins

Embrace our motto: "For All the Stories Untold" – and let's shape the cinematic journey together.

Digitalisation is a game changer

The story behind Greelistu

The story behind Greelistu is rooted in our extensive experience of producing films for over thirty years. During this time, we observed the challenges faced by independent producers in developing and financing their projects. The dependence on numerous decision-makers with conflicting interests often led to damaging effects on the projects and hindered the possibility of building a sustainable business.

In our production company, we are driven by our passion for good stories, constantly striving to make ends meet while seeking ways to strengthen our business and achieve greater independence. The turning point came with the advent of digitization, revealing real opportunities to create a new and viable business model that would support independent producers in building a sustainable future.

We recognized the pivotal building blocks of this model – the content, the filmmakers, and the audience. With this understanding, we decided to break away from the traditional value chain and take a 180-degree turn. Our focus shifted to presenting content to the audience at an early stage, eliminating intermediaries and empowering both filmmakers and audiences with the responsibility of financing and marketing.

By embracing this approach, we aimed to foster a greater diversity of stories and storytellers while ensuring continuity in production. This shift also contributed to healthy financing and adequate budgeting, benefiting all stakeholders involved in the filmmaking process.

Our ultimate goal is to create a model that harmonizes with the creative process, aligning the interests of filmmakers and audiences alike. Recognizing the audience's embrace of digital distribution and their evolving preferences in consuming content, we knew that direct digital access and clear communication channels would be game-changers, empowering both filmmakers and audiences.

Driven by this purpose, we built our platform and aptly named it Greelistu. Our platform represents a transformative force in the industry, where filmmakers and audiences unite in celebration of storytelling. With Greelistu, we aim to revolutionize the way films are developed, funded, and enjoyed, embracing the power of digital access and communication to empower the creative community and the viewers alike.
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The challenges facing filmmakers and audiences.
Audiences often find themselves excluded from the film selection process, despite being a crucial factor in determining the success of projects. Productions are shrouded in secrecy, and the audience is left uninformed until the films and series are already completed. This lack of involvement deprives them of the opportunity to influence the types of films made.

Film financing relies heavily on unreliable estimates of commercial potential based on factors such as story, cast, talent, and budget. This approach poses significant financial risks, as projects begin with substantial debt and uncertain outcomes, leading to prolonged journeys toward breaking even. Official bodies, private investors, and distributors determine financing based on projections of future income.

Institutional and political regulations further complicate the landscape of film funding. Funding institutions often prioritize goals that align with political interests rather than filmmakers' visions. The support comes with requirements for distribution and content, forcing filmmakers to conform and sometimes relinquish creative control and rights.

The film industry's slow adaptation to the digital landscape disregards the desires of a global audience willing to pay for early screenings at their convenience. Traditional distribution models remain locked into geographical areas and prolonged holdback periods between screening windows.

Independent production companies, akin to David facing Goliath, grapple with an environment dictated by the huge Hollywood Studios' standards. This challenging landscape places them at excessive risk, depriving them of fair profits, and inhibiting their ability to build sustainable businesses.

The journey to bringing a film to fruition is laden with financial and creative risks, with development costs borne solely by filmmakers themselves. Distribution revenues often fail to cover cinema fees and marketing costs, leading financiers, and distributors to opt for safe choices - the successes of the past. This situation hinders the chances of independent filmmakers to thrive in the industry.

While life in the filmmaking world can indeed be tough, this is not a mere complaint. Instead, it highlights the need for filmmakers to take control of their destiny and explore new avenues for conducting their business.

In summary, these challenges illustrate why filmmakers must seize control of their creative destinies, forging new paths that embrace audiences' influence and foster sustainability in the industry. A reimagined approach to film financing and distribution can empower filmmakers, connect with audiences, and unlock the true potential of storytelling for the betterment of all.

Our Team

Anna G. Magnúsdóttir
One of the two creators and founders of Green Lighting Studio, Anna is an independent producer since 1987 with extensive experience within production, financing, and distribution running her own companies in both Sweden and in Iceland. She established the Production Company LittleBig Productions in Sweden in 1993 and is a co-founder of the Financing & Rights Management Company Movieboosters AB. Anna has also worked as a commissioning editor for the Icelandic Film Fund and worked in different capacities for other organizations within the film industry. She participated in EAVE 1993 and ACE in 1997
Anders Granström
One of the two creators and founders of Green Lighting Studio, Anders has worked within the film industry since 1986 and has held leading positions in various film industry associations and different companies such as Moviemakers and SF, Swedish Film Industry. His work as a producer includes feature films, TV-series, and shorts. Anders is a part-owner of LittleBig Productions AB, as well as founder and CEO of the Financing & Rights Management Company Movieboosters AB.

Anna G. Magnúsdóttir & Anders Granström

Founders & Producers

Joel Acevedo

IT & Digital Media Specialist

Marcus Svensson

Head of Marketing

Susanne Skata

Content Producer

Per Tengblad

Senior Advisor 

Hansi Mandoki

Senior Advisor Theatrical & Distribution

Hans Gustavii

Senior Advisor System Programming

Peter Torkelsson

Senior Advisor International Sales