Greelistu welcomes professional feature films and series of all genres and budget levels

Greelistu works towards:
Involving the Audience
Films and series are made for audiences, that’s why they should be engaged from the start.
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Audience interest and engagement is the strongest validator of the stories filmmakers want to tell. Empowering the audience and giving them a choice to participate in early stages is a strong objective for Greelistu. And audience participation is potentially the producer’s most powerful tool to reach independence in decision-making and exercising creative control.
Faster to Break-even
The goal is to have the films and series fully paid for going into production.
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By establishing a connection with audiences Greelistu has established a transparent and effective route for film financing, compatible with other financial sources. The aim is to have the projects fully paid for going into production. Greelistu makes sure that invested money is channeled directly to the filmmakers and the production at hand. All funds are aimed at creating value on the screen.
Wide Distribution
The sight is set on the widest possible distribution for each project, national and international.
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Greelistu aims for the broadest possible distribution direct to audiences for the films and series profiled in the studio. GLS also operates professional, transparent and effective B2B sales activities for film rights licensing on a national and international level. Building alliances and collaborating with trusted and well-connected all media sales agents in various territories as well as local distributors and other content buyers.
Working as a producer with Greelistu
• You communicate directly with your audience
• You retain stronger creative control
• You are granted worldwide sales and distribution from the start
• You get your producers fee and development costs settled
• Your road to green light for production and break-even of costs is shorter
• You receive 80% of profits after break-even of production and financing costs
• You create a continuity in your production company and gain independence in your decision making

In short: You step into a healthier financing environment that stimulates adequate budgeting, reduces financial risk and increases the possibility of a return on investments
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