One of Greelistu’s main objectives is to provide a secure and reliable system for the activities within the platform community. We’ve got just a few guiding rules that we hope you’ll keep in mind along the way!
We aim to provide a safe, transparent and trusted environment for filmmakers to present their projects, audiences to get a unique access to new films and series and an opportunity to follow the creative production process up to their release. We want to maintain a culture of understanding, honesty and openness between filmmakers and audiences. People support the films they want to see and thus each film becomes a joint venture between audiences and filmmaker, to promote and safeguard in best possible fashion for the good of both.

Good for all to know

Audiences are not buying movies already in existence — they're helping to get movies made.
It takes time, so have patience!
Making a movie is no easy task; it takes time to get to the point of green lighting and the production itself, once it has started, can take anything from 6-12 months. So, be patient and stay tuned for updates on the process. It can be a smooth run, but hindrances can also turn up. Get ready for both.
Supporting a film is ultimately a leap of faith. The filmmakers themselves are responsible for the development and execution of their films. In spite of filmmaker’s best effort, the film may not turn out according to expectations. There is no guarantee for success in the box office.

For supporters

When you find a film that appeals to you, but you don't know the filmmakers, you should have a good look at who they are, how they present the film, their take on the subject, and what motivates them to do the work.
Study the presentation of the film. It holds information about the project, budget level, the stage it is on, and financing in place. Producer, director and other creative team and cast are introduced; including links for verification, as well as film clips and trailers to give you the feel of the project.
Check out the links of verification of previous works offered on the film page, and search for further information from other sources, IMDB for instance. 
If you go for a project, be supportive in all the ways you can. If all you've seen and read feels good and true, it is up to you to decide whether you trust the filmmakers to do their best on the film of your choice and whether to support them in the process.
Help promote the project by telling others. Share information about the films you are engaged in with your circle of family, friends, and colleagues. It is a great way to gather everyone around a common interest as well as empower filmmakers and widen the circle of audiences around your projects. And when you receive your link to First Run, help safeguard the film from piracy.

For filmmakers

Communicate with your audience about the creative process throughout both development and production.
Tell people who you are, what you want to do, why and where you are at with your film at the present time. Be honest, open and responsive to the questions your supporters might put forward.
Show examples of your previous works and/or an example of what you want to achieve. Give a comprehensive and honest presentation of your project; describe the process up to now. Be communicative about the progress of the film, share information about cast and team members as they come aboard.
Once your film is green lit and in production: Give your supporters an insight into the progress of the shoot as it goes and share some interesting things that might occur during the production and post-production processes.

What we do

Greelistu provides a safe, transparent and entertaining environment where filmmakers and audiences can unite in the love of good movies.
We make sure the projects presented are on a professional level in all respects and that, provided they get financed, they will be produced and delivered to audiences. We make sure that all rights and exploitation agreements are in place as well as a completion bond when relevant. Which means, once a film is green lit and production has started, the film is carried through to finish.
Greelistu works in an agile environment, starting with good and going for better as we go. We are proactive in our search for potential problems and receptive of issues pointed out to us by you to investigate. We plan and strive for best results in all aspects but, even so, it must be stated that not all things will go according to plan.
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