Welcome to the one stop shop for
great content!

Welcome to the one stop shop for great content!

Greelistu brings high-quality audience-validated films & series for OTT, streaming, broadcasting, distribution & sales to the market
Greelistu offers high-quality entertaining film and scripted television content and formats for all audiences in a variety of genres, ranging from mainstream to art-house to nerd-niche and is a central hub for worldwide licensing of film rights as well as domestic and international distribution.

Through our own sales and distribution department and in co-operation with trusted sales agents, distribution channels and technology companies, Greelistu is able to reach the global entertainment market and provide an easy, swift and secure delivery system for the electronic sell-through of film and television content to all territories in all available formats.

Get in touch with our experienced sales team for more detailed information about formats and platforms as well as  territories and media availability.
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