Scheduled maintenance on Monday, 8 of March 2021 at 10:00 AM (CET)
Scheduled maintenance on Monday, 8 of March 2021 at 10:00 AM (CET)

Your gateway to the film industry

Welcome to Greelistu!
Greelistu is an online platform where films and series are presented in early stages. You will have a decisive influence on which films and series get made through advancing a payment for a streaming ticket. Thus your streaming ticket is a way of financing the project and you get to watch it at first release. In addition,  you get to follow the making of your films and series and you get to share the experience with friends everywhere.

What can I do?

Buy a screening
For only €19,95  for a film, and €49,95 for series you get a  streaming ticket to the films and series you want to see, while they are still in the making. On top of that you become a valued member of Greelistu’s First Run Club, the club of those who are in the know. You get exclusive offers and peeks into the productions - and you get to see them first of all!
What do I get out of it?
Besides being the first to see the film, you get exclusive offers  to participate in prize competitions, for visits to locations, red-carpet screenings and more. You get to watch interviews and video clips from shootings. You get notified of various exclusive events and activities in connection with your films - and best of all - the huge satisfaction of getting a film made!

More ways to get engaged

We are constantly working to improve the ways in which you can have more fun on the site and making it more valuable to be a member of the Greelistu family and  also how you can connect with and support the films and series you desire. 
Sharing information with your circle of family, friends, and colleagues about Greelistu and the films you are engaged in is a great way to gather everyone around a common interest as well as empowering filmmakers and  widening the circle of audiences around your projects..
If you see films in Greelistu that you would like to connect with, sponsor or participate in as a business associate, don’t be shy about contacting us.
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